Shoulder Pain

The shoulder joint is actually the most mobile in the body and is surrounded by tendons, nerves, and other tissues that all have the potential to become irritated and painful. The rotator cuff is made up of four tendons: teres minor, subscapularis, infraspinatous, and supraspinatous; and it is one of the most frequently injured parts of the upper body.

The muscles, ligaments, and joints around the shoulder can tear and stretch, which can cause a considerable amount of pain. Physiotherapy and trips to a chiropractor can take care of most of your shoulder problems. Though the joint has a lot of connective tissue surrounding it, there is a distinct possibility of the shoulder moving out of alignment, which results in the muscles and ligaments no longer pulling together.

Fortunately, chiropractors specialize in alignment and perform manipulation that could significantly reduce the level of pain you feel in your shoulder. Additionally, you will be given a special treatment plan, and the chiropractor will examine your posture and may adjust work ergonomics accordingly.

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